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Variable Annuities

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What's New

Introducing the Enhanced Polaris Income Builder!

A Polaris Variable Annuity with Polaris Income Builder option* now offers:

  • 5.4% Annual Withdrawals FOR LIFE, Single Life (age 65+)
  • 4.9% Annual Withdrawals FOR LIFE, Joint Life (age 65+)

Consider Income Builder for clients 65+ who may be looking for the opportunity for more income for life. Income Builder is available exclusively to clients issue age 65 to 80. With Income Builder, clients will have the opportunity to build future income with a 6% annual income credit that’s available each year during the first 12 contract years and added to the Income Base in years they do not take withdrawals. The Income Base is the amount on which guaranteed withdrawals and the annual fee for the feature are based.

Of course, in addition to the newly enhanced Polaris Income Builder®, we are proud to continue to offer advisors and their clients Polaris Income Plus® with its choice of three income options to help design custom-tailored retirement income solutions.

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*To realize the benefits of lifetime income, withdrawals must be taken within the feature's parameters. Excess withdrawals that completely deplete contract value will result in the loss of lifetime income payments. Maximum annual withdrawal percentages shown above are available in select Polaris Variable Annuities and apply to new contracts. With the newly enhanced Polaris Income Builder, the maximum annual withdrawal percentage is guaranteed for life. Polaris Income Builder is optional and available at contract issue for an additional annual fee. Investment requirements, age restrictions and other limitations apply

Introducing New Volatility Control Portfolios

Polaris now offers new Volatility Control Portfolios from three premier names in money management.

  • SA BlackRock VCP Global Multi Asset Portfolio
    • A global tactical asset allocation strategy that actively controls volatility to help create a more consistent investment experience.
  • SA Schroders VCP Global Allocation Portfolio
    • An asset allocation portfolio that actively invests across markets and asset classes with the aim to provide growth potential and control volatility.
  • SA T. Rowe Price VCP Balanced Portfolio
    • A broadly diversified balanced portfolio, combining the value added from the firm’s expertise in portfolio design, asset allocation and active management with an integrated approach for stabilizing the Portfolio’s volatility.

These new portfolios may also be used to help meet the investment requirements of an optional income protection feature, if elected. Please see a prospectus for details.

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Did You Know?

Time to Get Tax Savvy

Today, many Americans are facing rising taxes on multiple fronts. Now advisors can help clients make tax-smart decisions for retirement with TaxSavvy 2016. This informative business-building tool is specifically designed to help advisors assist clients in taking a fresh look at their retirement savings and investment strategies with the goal of helping to reduce current taxes.*

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